Monday, March 17, 2008

I have issues


Books are my downfall. Specifically, cheap books.

The urchins and I did go to the Scholastic sale today, and I was rewarded with a tremendous bargain -- fill a box for $15. The selection wasn't as good as the December or May sales, but it was decent, and we certainly found books that we wanted, plus we got a few for the gift closet. We brought home 53 books for a grand total of $16.11. Not bad.

Not that we really needed more books, as we all have a little bit of a book obsession.

Vanessa noted her book obsession in her "look at this stuff" meme. Go look. I'll wait.

Did you see the free space on her shelves? HA! Did you hear me scoff? Yes, I scoffed.

Let me show one of our many bookshelves.

This bookshelf is 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide. We have two of them. They're both packed with books. And those aren't the only bookshelves in the house, although these are the largest. We have a total of 10 bookshelves, although only 8 of them are for books. The other two are for CDs and DVDs.

Good heavens! I didn't realize we had that many.


That Company is supposed to transfer Skeeter next spring, and I've sworn to him that we won't be moving books that I don't truly love or need. Thus, the reason for all of the Amazon and listing.

And yet . . . I can't pass up a great book bargain! It's a sickness, I tell you.

But in my "getting rid of stuff" phase, my friend Kristin (a first grade teacher) is getting some good stuff for her classroom!


Vanessa said...

You scoff at me??? Ok, after seeing your bookshelves I maybe see why. But what wasn't shown in that picture was that my entire dresser is filled with books and the sweaters and underwear are stacked on top rather than in the drawers. That considered, I likely still don't have as many books as you do. I admit defeat. Not that this was a contest, but you definitely give perspective. And if you want to tell me your Amazon seller name I will take a few off your hands!

Anonymous said...

I admit, I scoffed a little too. My shelves are full and my personal rule is not to get any more books if they don't fit on the shelves (in other words, if there's one I want, I have to get rid of one or more to make room for it).

I always said that my working in a bookstore was like an alcoholic working as a bartender. :-) Thankfully, moving BOXES FULL of books that I had been keeping to read someday -- and moving them twice in five years -- was like my own personal 12 step program. LOL

The Boyds Family said...

I just gave away a trunk full of books to my daughters teacher from last year. It was like Christmas all over again for her.