Friday, February 29, 2008

I jinxed the laundry

Remember yesterday's post where I mentioned my Laundry Filled Life? It just got more interesting.

Tonight when I went to pull the clothes out to hang them up, I realized that they were still wet. I thought perhaps one of the children had opened the dryer while it was running, so I restarted it and went outside for a moment.

I happened to be next to the dryer vent outside, and I realized that the dryer had shut off. When I went in to check on it, I could smell a burny-not-normal-dryerish smell. Oh yay. Thrills and hearthrobs. So tomorrow I will call the Sears people and see how long it will take to get someone to look at it.

Until then, I can look forward to this:

I'm down to hanging everything to dry on the curtain rod, people. It's that or the laundromat, and I'm not into playing chauffeur to my laundry.


My Goodness said...

Aw, stink!! That is so not cool! Hope Sears will get to you soon!

Fresh Girl said...

Oh, been there, done that. It is NO fun, I know. Hope the Sears people are quick about fixing it!

Vanessa said...

Stay away from the laundromat, crazy people reside there! And unplug that dryer! Hopefully it's an easy fix, good luck.

PEZmama said...

I hope it doesn't cost too much... or that dinnerware of yours may be buying you a new dryer!

Hope it works out.

Candy said...

I really don't mind the laundromat! I can get 5 loads of laundry done in two hours there, and get some reading done at the same time.

At home, that would take me two days (ok I'm slow and easily distracted, what can I say?)