Sunday, August 20, 2006

Church activities

I started a new bible study at our women's group tonight, The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority by Dr. Adrian Rogers. I think that I am really, really going to enjoy this study. We did the introduction this evening, and I was absolutely captivated by the lesson.

The group is also focusing on memorizing Bible verses, which I haven't done since I was a girl. I've helped Spyder and Sass with their Awana verses, so I haven't completely strayed away. It just hasn't been my focus. I have to admit that I was a little intimidated when the study leader said she'd be keeping track of who was memorizing! It should be good practice for my limp noodle though. :o)

In child news, Sass started her second year of Awana Cubbies, and she was thrilled! Her little friend Olivia is now in the class with her, and they were both excited about that. I'm not sure that the teacher is going to be all that thrilled with it though. :o)

Spyder began his first year of Truth In Training, and he was absolutely over the moon about it! He doesn't get his book for another two weeks, but he's been practicing memorization by using his book from last year.

I'm still the director of the Awana store, so I'm having to work that into the bible study nights. I'm also working in the nursery one Sunday per month, as well as working in Junior Worship one Sunday per month.

Whew! Another church year starting off with a bang!

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