Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Reading

I'm normally quite a voracious reader, but lately I just haven't been reading as much as I normally do. I actually just finished a book that Julie gave me while we were on vacation. That was in late May, and I'm just now finishing two months later. I think that's some kind of record.

The book I just read was By Bread Alone by Sarah-Kate Lynch. Quite a good read, although probably not something I would have chosen for myself. And in celebration of finishing -- tada -- a giveaway! Plus, it's a sneaky way for me to find more book recommendations.

Update: Apparently I wasn't clear that I'm giving away By Bread Alone. Whoops! This is what I get when I write with the urchins interrupting constantly.

Have you read any good books lately? Just leave a comment on this post about the best book you read this summer. Comments will be open until Wednesday, July 30, 11:59 pm CST. Winner will be chosen randomly and posted on Thursday.

So speak up and share the book love!



smalltownmom said...

Non-Fiction: Three Cups of Tea
Fiction: I'm hoping it will be Breaking Dawn but I have to wait until August 2nd.

smalltownmom said...

Non-Fiction: Three Cups of Tea
Fiction: I'm hoping it will be Breaking Dawn but I have to wait until August 2nd.

Candy said...

The best book I've read this summer (so far...beach vacation in 2 weeks...yay) is an old book by Nicholas Evans (he, of Horse Whisperer fame), called The Divide. I heartily recommend it.

PEZmama said...

I've read more this summer than any other, and I have read mostly duds. Go figure.

(And go figure that I was just thinking I needed to leave you a comment to let you know I am still reading, when you go and put up a contest. Now it looks like I'm only commenting because I am wanting some prize.)


I really liked "Eats Shoots and Leaves" by Lynn Truss, but I read it in May. Does that count as summer... because that was the best book I have read in a while.

I also *finished* "What the Bible Says About Parenting" by John MacArthur. It was very good, but I started that, uh, last year...

And the one I am reading now is very good: "The Discipline of Grace" by Jerry Bridges. But of course, I'm not done with it yet.

And, by the way, what are you giving away. You're not going to give somebody your old Pepsi phone from 1983 are you?

PEZmama said...

I'm fixin' to read Northanger Abbey some time soon.

I'd read that with you. If you want.

Comsats said...

Not sure it is the best book ... LOL, but I definitely enjoyed Meredith Efken's SAHM I AM Where Stay-At-Home Moms Connect.

It is a light read about SAHMs and how they connect via the online groups community. It is written in an email format and and filled with lots of humor and irony. I actually think I "know" some of the people characterized LOL.

Tara said...

Dang, Janice, I read that too and liked it! HAHA!!!!

OK, Let's see....Gemma by Meg Tilly. It's a rather heavy novel a girl who was molested. Quite a good one.

On a lighter note, Second Chance by Jane Green is a great summer read if you like Chick Lit!