Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just do it

I've gotten out of the blogging groove. I find that I'm prone to it when my schedule is off. And it's been seriously off.

So I think the only thing left to do is admit it and move on. So there it is.

The weekend was good, and surprisingly busy considering that we had been on the go for a solid week. Spyder declared that Sunday was the Best Day Ever, but I think that's because it ended with fishing at the pond. He still hasn't caught a thing -- ever -- but he has fun baiting and casting.

Yesterday was a complete at-home day, resting and catching up on chores. The midday temperatures have reached the "severe" stage, so it's better for us to do indoor activities anyway. Spyder is working on a Nancy Drew game, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, so he's happy to stay home and inside. Sass is perfectly happy playing with her stuffed animals or helping me in the kitchen (yesterday - chicken salad; today - rice krispies), so it was a win-win situation.

Today I think we'll go out for something though, even if it's just the library. I have books that are due anyway, and I need to report Spyder's lost book.

And then tonight, I'm planning to talk Skeeter into roller skating.



smalltownmom said...

Have fun roller skating!

I have so much time...younger son is away (returns Friday)...older one just started a real job...I stay busy blogging, watching old musicals, and rearranging furniture (we are swapping the kids rooms around).

Susan said...

I love, love, love stay at home days. They just don't happen often enough. How fun that you and Sass cook together! Those are some of my most favorite memories. Hope the heat doesn't zap you!

The Boyds Family said...

You and I must be on the same wave length...I just posted about the very same thing - the bloggy blues - and I'm blaming it on the extreme heat!! It's too hot to think.

Mom and I went to The Book Place today and I thought of you...I always think of you when I go into book stores :)

Hope you and your family are having a great weekend!