Thursday, July 03, 2008

A post about other people's dogs

I like to talk about my dogs a lot. What can I say? They make me laugh, with their funny little personalities.

One thing that does not make me laugh: Brownie, digging through the trash. As he does every night that I forget to move the trash can. He also likes Ben & Jerry. That little trait? Not so endearing.

But this isn't about my pooches. This is about the neighbor's dogs. The dogs who are, at this very moment (1:28 am) barking quite excitedly, in an annoyingly incessant pattern. And have been for the last hour.

bark bark BARK

bark bark BARK

bark bark BARK

The police department around the corner likes us. We bring them cookies occasionally. I'm wondering if that gives me enough pull for them to come and take care of this little problem.

(Oh, I wouldn't do that. But I can dream daydream, right?)

Seriously though, I have dogs who like to bark. Brownie will bark at anything that moves (the reason that I call him Woofy McBarkers some days). Lucy will bark because Brownie does. That is a big reason that they are inside at night, making those funny snuffling noises at my feet -- because I don't want them to disturb other people.

I'm all neighborly like that.

You'd think that the people who live in the house (and thus, are closer to all of the aforementioned barking) would get up and deal with it. Obviously the dogs can't settle it with the patterned barks.

Maybe I can.

Grrrrr bark bark GRRRR

Grrrrr bark bark GRRRR

Update: It's 3:21 am, and the dogs have been quiet for the last 20 minutes. It's about time.



smalltownmom said...

Oh, I feel for you. I've had issues with being woken up at night, but fortunately barking dogs hasn't been one of them.

My Goodness said...

Ugh, let me growl with you...grrrr!!

I can't standing a loud barking dog...especially at night. Good grief! Aren't the owners trying to sleep too? You'd think they'd try to do something.

My Spacious Cranium said...

This is what you do. I've been there, except my neighbor let her dogs out specifically to SHRT in my yard. BUT the ppl behind me had a barker, and this helped:
One pack of hot dogs (the cheap kind, it makes for better squirts.)
1 box of chocolate flavored Ex-Lax

Boil hotdogs if you're feeling kind. Shove 2 ex-lax in each half of hot dog. Throw over the fence.

TRhe neighbor's will never know you did it, but BOY will it make YOU feel better!!!! This was GREAT for my dog crapping problem, because they only let the dogs out twice a day, therefore the mess was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL for them. We saw their carpet go to the curb within a month. Next thing I knew they were stanbding next to the dogs with a shovel, waiting to clean up behind themselves. Massive amounts of poop will do that for the human spirit.

Vanessa said...

Unfortunately mine are barkers too. However, being uber aware of this, I try to meet each neighbor when I move to a new place and let them know that if the barking is *ever* a problem, please just come knock on the door and I'll take care of it immediately. Also, they are indoor dogs and if they bark too much in the backyard, I bring them in and we try again in 15-20 minutes when the offending stimuli (hopefully) has been removed.

I see no excuse for barking dogs at 3am. Hope you got some sleep!

Mrs. C said...

Very rude. Another pet peeve: people who let their dogs poop on my yard and then don't clean it up!