Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And from this corner

A whole lot of nothing. Temperatures that are 100+ will do that to a gal. And her urchins. The "stay at home" part of Stay At Home Mom is certainly true lately. We've been mostly avoiding any reason for going out, and that perfectly fine with us.

Our last daytime outing was Friday, when we braved Chuck E Cheese with Brenda, her children, and an extra friend. And oh yes, we were the people in line who had so many coupons that we had to split them into two transactions. And completely annoyed the people in line behind us.

We did manage a trip to the Y last night, to swim in the indoor pools. Yes, the urchins feel that it's even to hot to swim outside. That's bad, yes?

So what have we been doing? Cleaning out Sass' room (a major undertaking). Next is Spyder's room (even more of an undertaking). Sass' room is easier, but Spyder's is more fun. You never know what you'll come across. Plus, I think it's a riot that we can be putting books into the bookshelves at one moment, then it turns into a history or literature lesson because one or the other gets interested in a book.

But today, we're making an afternoon of movie watching.



The Boyds Family said...

Oh yes!! It's SO hot. Have fun cleaning, when you're finished you wanna come to my house?? I'll pay ya for it. :)

Enjoy the movie and I'll talk to you soon.

smalltownmom said...

Good luck with the room cleaning. We just moved our sons into different rooms, so they got rid of a bunch of stuff...we have a huge garage sale pile.

Vanessa said...

I know that it's too hot to go outside or even breathe feeling well. Good luck with the rooms!

My Goodness said...

It is SO hot! Ugh...miserably hot! I can't wait to see you list what all you find in Spyder's room!

My Goodness said...
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