Saturday, July 26, 2008

A promise is a promise

I promised myself that I would write something today. And I am, despite that I am exhausted and would really rather not.

LAWZY DAY it is hot. So hot that it actually interferes with our plans.

Skeeter's employer hosted a "family day" at the local baseball park. Excellent park, normally tons o' fun. Today we went to the game and the urchins were ready to leave within, oh, three minutes. If that. So we did, although we did wait about 30 minutes.

Last year's family day was a blast, but it was in late September. Please make a note, oh Ye Family Day Planners. July is not a good time for outdoor fun. Hello, people who live in the south. Why do I need to remind you of this?

The one reason I am not absolutely livid about the whole experience is because on our way out I saw a friend from my days at the comedy club. For some strange reason I think about her relatively often, and I had always wondered where she was. She was going through some tough times when I moved away, and I never knew how things turned out for her. I'm glad to know she's doing really well, married, child, all that. She looked happy.

I had promised the urchins that we could go to the bookstore, which is just about their favorite place in the world, aside from the children's museum and Brenda's house. I had emailed Yvette about possibly meeting us there, and she could! Awesome! It was a fun time, despite that my children were behaving like the rotten little urchins I always accuse them of being. Seriously, they're pretty good normally. They know the rules and they are good about not testing the boundaries. You'd think that they assumed meeting new people meant that all of the rules didn't apply. Uh, no.

But -- awesomeness! -- I got to play bookstore employee when her oldest daughter was choosing an audio book. I love that! I stopped before I went into full-on bookstore self, but on the drive home I was making a list of books to recommend. But I'm sure everyone does that. Right?

Well, I suppose that wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I think beginning is the hardest part.



The Boyds Family said...

Hey Miss Noodle! (tee-hee!)
The girls and I had a great time meeting you and your lovely children at the bookstore. This must have been my weekend for meeting bloggy friends in person. I am planning on writing a post about my recent bloggy adventures sometime soon (I'll let you know when I've written it) but tonight I have somewhere to go and I'll probably be exhausted (and starving) when I return.

BTW. We are listening to the audio book that you recommended and we are really enjoying it. Thanks!

Talk to you soon - take care.

My Goodness said...

Yay...heard about your meeting!! Isn't it cool to meet the faces you see online?! We must go play at ChickFila again soon!! :)

(it's indoors!! YAHOO)