Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My mama, or why I should never put my phone on silent

Apparently my mom had been trying to get in touch with me since yesterday. I got an email from my sister Lisa this morning. The subject line was "Hey! Mom's worried about you!"

I had put my phone on silent. I do that sometimes when I'm out because I don't necessarily want to be disturbed, but some people rely on the missed call rather than leaving a message. (Brenda! Mom!) (And let it be known that my mom didn't leave a message!) So anyway, I had forgotten that I had it on silent, and I didn't move it back to the usual ring.

Mom had also tried Skeeter's (completely abandoned) personal phone, which has been dead for months. Then she started getting worried. So Mom called Lisa to find out where I was, speculating whether I was dead in the street if I just hadn't paid the bill. Dead or deadbeat, I suppose.

Lisa emailed me. I didn't respond right away because I wasn't at the computer. When I did get the message not long afterward, I also had an email from The Michael. Later I found out that when I hadn't responded, Mom decided that Lisa should call The Michael to see if he knew whether I was still alive. (I was, obviously, although I hadn't talked to him either.)

By the time I did call Mom, she was in a bit of a panic, which I found incredibly amusing since I had been "missing" for all of 13 hours.

And why had she been trying to call me? To remind me it was my grandmother's birthday, which I did completely forget. Oops.



smalltownmom said...

I often forget that my phone is on silent!

My Goodness said...

That's really funny...I think we all do that.

Glad you're not dead or a deadbeat! lol

CelticBuffy said...

I am very good at not answering my phone. I figure if you want to talk to me you'll leave a message and if you don't, then it wasn't that important. I love the "silent" feature.

Lisa said...

Well at least Mom has a high entertainment value...and she's a great topic to blog about!!

The Boyds Family said...

See.....we truly DO cause our parents grey hair. :)

Glad you're okay - AND that mom knows it :)

Vanessa said...

Oops! Glad you're ok! ;-)