Thursday, June 26, 2008

The VBS Effect

Ah yes. You know it. The effect of that week-long Vacation Bible School? Exhaustion.

It's hit us.

We went to VBS at our church already, but a friend called and invited the children to VBS at his church, so we're at it again. Not that it's a bad thing. The children always love VBS. The program the church is using is Power Lab, so my science-loving youngsters are doubly thrilled. But regardless of the fun, the exhaustion still sets in for us around Thursday.

I knew that it was coming. I could see it last night and this morning, so I had planned for us to take it easy this afternoon. We did just that. We spent the afternoon watching Mist (twice), and yet Sass was in inconsolable tears not long before time to go to the church. Why? Because the movie was "so sweet" that she couldn't bear it. For her, that's the fog of exhaustion talking.

So tonight I took Spyder to VBS, and Sass stayed with me.

What did we do? A big fat lot of nothing, most of which involved deciding what flavor ice cream to get at Baskin Robbins.

By the time we returned to the church for the closing assembly, Sass was ready to join her class briefly before being dismissed for the evening.

Tomorrow night isn't really a class night. It's the awards ceremony and the family picnic. We'll be there (with a "silly science" dessert), and I'm certain we will have a great time. But I'm just as certain that we will all be glad that VBS is over.



My Goodness said...

We missed out on VBS cuz we were traveling...and I didn't mind one bit. It IS exhausting!!!

Hang in there!

smalltownmom said...

I'm intrigued about the "silly science" dessert. Do tell.