Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ugly Betty

I know. I am always so late in watching popular television. I had heard of Ugly Betty, but I hadn't even attempted to watch it. Ugly girl works at fashion magazine? Pass!

Then Julie recommended it.

(aside: I love the Netflix friend section!)

We have very similar tastes, so I thought I might give it a chance. I never really got as far as actually adding it to the queue though.

But I was browsing at the library on Wednesday, and I came across the entire first season in the DVD section.

(aside: My library is beyond fabulous.)

I checked out the first season, and I made Skeeter watch the pilot with me. He was unimpressed. As for me, I loved Betty. She was clever and confident and tenacious. I was much less impressed with the rest of the characters, but I liked Betty enough to continue. Skeeter fell asleep during the second episode, but I started to like the show even more.

I watched the entire first season in three days. Seriously. Three days. I was hooked! Part snarky gab-fest, part trashy soap opera. Loved it! Loved it! The soapy parts are so unapologetically unrealistic and fun, but really what kept me watching was that I liked Betty.

And I counted a minimum of six cliffhangers in the season finale. That's got to be a record. I'll bet that I end up buying season two when it's released.



Julie said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I just love that show; can't wait for sesaon two to come out. (My favorite character is ... whats-her-name... the snarky blonde receptionist. (Amanda?)

Jenna said...

I'm always late to the pop TV thing too and also end up watching all the shows on DVD. I think it is better that way as you get to eat through the whole season in one sitting and you don't have to wade through those odd re-run weeks.


My Goodness said...

I've never watched that show...huh...maybe I'll check it out sometime.

'Nuther subject...
haven't you said before that you like Toby Mac? I'm really diggin' every song of his that I hear on the radio...I'm going to get his cd.