Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For the Austen fans

A portrait of Thomas Lefroy is to be for sale soon. Lefroy is rumored to be the inspiration for Pride and Prejudice's Mr Darcy.

(As an aside, I'm currently reading Letters from Pemberly, a modern "sequel" to Pride and Prejudice.)



PEZmama said...

Oh, to read some Austen right now. I only have Northanger Abbey left to read and I am afraid I won't like it.

I am curious what you think about Letters from Pemberly. So, when you finish it, you need to review it at goodreads or shoot me an e-mail.


CelticBuffy said...

I really thought the author did well with "Letters from Pemberly". I can't wait to get the follow-up book when I'm in the big city tomorrow! Personally I've always pictured Mr. Darcy as looking a bit more "rogue-ish" than pretty, like Thomas Lefroy. Thanks for the link!

Susan said...

Please, do tell what you think of "Letters". I read it and was less than satisfed!

Yiayia said...

Lovely to find your blog...I'm such a fan of Austen as well. Let me recommend a sequel I just found. I have written a bit about it on my blog http://www.ewelts.blogspot.com/