Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Earlier today Skeeter sent me this article on "earworms." No, they're not strange Star Trekian bugs. An earworm is that little musical melody that gets stuck in your head and just will not go away.

Ah, the memories.

When Skeeter and I were in our early marriage days, each of us would make a decided effort to infect each other with those earworms. Sometimes it was blatant, singing at the top of our lungs. More often it was a subtle background humming or singing that one could barely discern on a conscious level. Those would get us every time. Each would find the other person singing or humming whatever annoying song had been chosen.

Is it bragging to say I was brilliant at it? I was. My favorites were show tunes and children's music, mostly because I knew Skeeter couldn't let the guys at work know what music was going through his head. "Hello Dolly" was always a winner, as was "Interplanet Janet."

Little does Skeeter know that sending me that article just opened up a whole new can of earworms for him. It's 12 years and two children later. I'm armed and ready with a whole new set of songs.

"This is the song that doesn't end . . . ."



Candy said...

I think I have finally gotten Jason Mraz's new song out of my head, but this could start me off all over again.

Vanessa said...

I've had an earworm all morning. It's that stupid Free. Credit. Report Dot Com. Selling chowder to tourists in tee shirts. Someone stole my id-den-tity, now I'm pouring iced tea.

Make it go away! Please!

My Goodness said...

Great game!!! We don't do that to each other on purpose, but it does happen. AND...now I will have a game.

HAHA...and Vanessa...my husband was singing THAT SONG FOR DAYS!! haha!!

Cindy Kraft said...

Sounds fun. We hum the songs to each other and the other one has to guess what it is. I get an earworm sometimes listening to Mrs. Pattycake. I swear I was up all night singing "fruits & veggies" song. Crazy!!

CelticBuffy said...

Yesterday my earworm was that song about "living in America, at the end of the millenium" from Rent. It was playing in the background when my kids called me (I was heading for an interview out of town). That buzzed around in my head all afternoon! I love that you make a game out of it!