Monday, June 02, 2008

That darn ISP

Our internet is out. Again. It's been out since yesterday morning, sometime after we left for church.

It had been working so well for so long that it was completely unexpected. So for now, I can only access the internet through Skeeter's work computer late at night or through the library.

So it's not that I don't want to post or read blogs. I do! But don't expect me soon.




Vanessa said...

Sorry to hear about the internet, hopefully it will be fixed soon. I managed to work in my "Yo" in today's post. Thanks for having the guest blogger to share the idea!

The Boyds Family said...

Yuck! Hope they fix it soon...

CelticBuffy said...

In this world of wonderful technology, isn't it amazing how often it doesn't work? Hang in there.