Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Persuasion showdown

Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen book. And it's probably safe to say that the the 1995 movie is one of my favorite movies ever.

The newer version of Persuasion has been near the top of my Netflix queue since it was available, always showing "Now" for current availability. Until, of course, I put it in the #1 position and attempted to actually get it. Then it showed "Very Long Wait."

Not a happy moment for me. Not at all. Especially since I had changed from the three-at-a-time plan to the four-at-a-time plan so I could have it "Now!"

Oh Netflix. You're not showing the love.

So because I was aching to see it -- yes, aching -- I decided to buy it. I searched and searched with no luck. Finally, I called the Barnes & Noble on the other side of our little metro area. It's the new, big store with a music/DVD department, and they had it! So I packed the children in the car and we drove off to get it. Because Patience is my strongest virtue.

That'll show you, Netflix.

Was it worth it? Eh. Probably not, but I'll err on the side of caution and say I'm not sure yet. I love the 1995 version (hereafter referred to simply as 1995) so much that I'm not sure I'd be a fair judge. Certainly not impartial, at any rate.

A few things I liked:
  • 2007 does a better job than 1995 at showing that there was more than a passing affection between Anne and Captain Wentworth. I know that in that era not much more would have been shown, but it's easier to see the characters thoughts come through in their actions and expressions.
  • The 2007 portrayal of the Dalrymples was better than 1995. They were snobby but not ridiculously so.
  • 2007 showed the Royal Crescent! It always bothered me that 1995 didn't show the Royal Crescent at all when the Eliots were in Bath. While Sir Walter wouldn't have been able to afford it, I'm sure it would have been something to which he aspired.
There were many more things I didn't like, but I'm now rereading the book to see how that affects my dislikes. But I don't think 2007 will ever replace 1995 for me, no matter what I find in my reading.

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PEZmama said...

I'll go on record for all the world to see:

The kiss in the 2007 version STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. Awful. Just awful.

I am still (patiently) waiting for the three people ahead of me in the library queue to finish watching the 1995 version. I'll let you know what I think of it.

It can't be worse.

(And to clarify on our recent IM about this topic, I also HIGHLY disliked the kiss in the MacFayden/Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice. Whoever had control of the hokiness knob for that one had the dial up way too high.)

Am I always this grouchy?