Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat?

Tagged by Tina for the "Look at this stuff . . . " meme!

Da Rulz:
  1. Find five things around your house that say something about the person you are and snap a picture of them.
  2. Tell us about them.
  3. Link back to me in your post.
  4. Tag five (if you feel like it) folks via their comments and tell us who you tagged.

Well, I'm not sure how neat it all is, but I'm showing it anyway.

Ah, tea! Skeeter has his coffee. I have my tea in one of these cups (with saucer -- always with the saucer!) that Skeeter and I got for our wedding. I take my tea with milk and sugar, but this particular photo was taken before I'd added those.

And speaking of weddings . . . this is the cake topper that Skeeter and I used for our wedding cake. Its home is in the china cabinet with the little swan, a gift from the little local boutique where we had our china registry for the wedding.

And now for the slightly more mundane. Laundry is a huge part of my life. Skeeter and me. Two children. Two dogs. All that makes for a lot of laundry, especially when it's rainy. I do at minimum one load every day. This particular load in the dryer is mostly Skeeter's jeans with a couple of sweatshirts. I wish it had been a day for the children's clothing. It's much more colorful.

I am all about healthy lips. These are just the ones rounded up from my jacket pockets. Burt's Bees is my favorite, as you can probably tell since there are two of those.

Next up -- my Bibles. I have a couple more, but these are the ones that get the most use. The little one on top goes to church with me (portability is key). The blue one is the King James Version I got as a gift from my church when I graduated from high school (kinda worn, eh?). The One Year Chronological Bible has been part of my daily study for the past two years. I'm not doing it at the moment because I'm doing a different "read through the Bible" study. I'll probably pick it up again once I'm finished with that one. The bottom one is my study Bible, Charles Swindoll's Living Insights Study Bible. (An excellent devotional Bible, if you're ever looking for one.)

And a bonus -- my Brownie, pining at the back steps while I was cooking dinner tonight. He's always nearby, particularly when there's food involved.

And now for the tagging:
  1. Julie
  2. Rambler
  3. Vanessa with the great hair
  4. Susan
  5. Tara

Say, this was a lot funner than most of those memes out there! Thanks, Tina!


Tara O'Rourke said...


My Goodness said...

Man. I missed an opportunity. I am TOTALLY addicted to Avon lip day is absolutely ruined if I don't have one in my purse/pocket.

I've never had tea that way. Hmm.

Feeling you on the laundry, yuck.

And the Bibles...that's cool. I would love to get that Chronological one. I've heard 'if your Bible is falling apart, chances are that your life is not'.

You did a great job!! Glad it was fun!

Vanessa said...

This is a fun MEME. Thanks for tagging and I too have incredible amounts of Burts Bees and after yesterday, lots of Blistex lip tone too.

Julie said...

Okay, mine's up. None of it is particularly "neat" but I think it does a good job of representing me.

Fresh Girl said...

Awww, that's a fun meme! I loved seeing those pictures. And I have that same One Year Bible, only mine is in Spanish. ;)

Vanessa said...

I just finished my MEME if you want to see!