Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Works for me Wednesday: Distributing treat bags

I wasn't planning to participate in this week's WfmW because I shared my best tip last time. But I was reminded of this one when I visited another contributor.

One of the ways we use to send off the party with a bang is to put the treat bags in a large box and wrap the box in wrapping paper several times (I usually do it 20 times) using different types of paper. The children sit in a circle and we play hot potato with the wrapped gift. Each time the music stops, the child holding the box gets to unwrap a layer. Just continue until the box is completely unwrapped, then let the children open the box and take a bag.

For obvious reasons, it's best to use bags that can be sealed, like patterned Ziploc bags or decorated paper bags that have been stapled shut. :)

It's a great way for the children to feel like they're also involved in the present-opening, rather than just being a spectator. We let the birthday boy or girl work the CD player (with help from mom or dad).

We've also used this for Halloween parties and Christmas parties when we're going to be distributing treats to the children.

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Ribbon Rock Star said...

I love this idea!!
Thanks for sharing.


Totallyscrappy said...

I've seen this unwrapping game done before, but I love the idea of playing the game with the goodie bags. What a great way to end the party.