Thursday, May 24, 2007

Little birdies

Hold onto your hats, my real-life friends. I am becoming (gasp!) an amateur bird enthusiast. I've mentioned my convoluted feelings about the avian species before, but I definitely feel that I'm coming around to the idea of inviting the shy ones to stick around.

Spyder and Sass have art class on Wednesdays, and the art teacher has several bird houses and bird feeders set up in various areas around her yard. While the children are in class, I've started sitting on the deck in the yard, just watching the squirrels and the birdies.

Since I've been so fascinated with their wildlife, I've bought a couple of bird feeders to set up in my own yard.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a really good picture with the birdies actually around the feeder. The squirrels like it just as much as the birds though. There are usually three squirrels around the base of the feeder, but they generally scatter as soon as I get close enough for a photo.

We even have a cardinal nesting in the holly bushes beside the house. While she is a beauty, having her (and egg!) that close does make me slightly uneasy, so I've been avoiding that particular path to the yard.


PEZmama said...

My oldest has been quite interested in birds since she started taking a class all about the "birds and flying things" at church. When some friends asked what they could get her for her birthday, I suggested a bird feeder. Others got her some binoculars and a nature book. She loves them. But I was surprised how much I love the bird feeder! Seeing all the different birds that I have never really seen before... it's just great fun.

I especially like the gold finches.

JP said...

I am speechless...


Noodle said...


This is becoming a big hobby. I have spent some time surfing the internet for bird, bird song, and bird feeder information!