Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Works for me Wednesday: Headphones

All four of the computers in our house are in one centrally located room. Skeeter and I decided to do it this way deliberately, since all of the computers have internet access, and we felt it was unwise to have internet access is not-easily-supervised rooms.

But with having them all centrally located, it can be quite annoying to listen to Sass playing her game, Spyder playing his game, and Skeeter listening to his music all at the same time. Now, instead of listening to everything at once, each person has his or her own set of headphones. Whenever someone is doing a "noisy" activity on the computer, it's time to plug in the headphones. The volume is set internally (by me) at a level where they hear the game just fine, but they can also hear me if I'm talking to them.

Today Spyder played a Nancy Drew game at the same time that Sass was playing a JumpStart game. I was able to listen to the radio rather than the cacophony of sounds and we were all happy. :)

Skeeter has a really nice, noise reducing pair. The children each have an inexpensive pair, so that I won't be upset if they get broken (as happened to Sass when she sat on hers).

We've been using this system for a few months now, and I wonder why it took me so long to think of doing this. Life is much more peaceful for us with headphones!

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cjardim said...

We've been doing that for a few years, since the boys like to play loud games. In fact we don't even have speakers on 2 of our desktops. It has added to the peace and quiet of the house.

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