Sunday, June 10, 2007

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Last night Skeeter and I took the children to see You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. They LOVED it!

We have the soundtrack, and the children absolutely love it, especially the song "My New Philosophy." What's even better about that particular song is that it's sung by Sally and Schroeder, giving it a girl and a boy part -- perfect! They sang the whole scene along with the performers, although (thankfully) they just mouthed the words rather than belting it out like they usually do.

Snoopy came into the audience during his "Rabbit Chasing" number and sniffed Sass, who thought it was just the funniest thing ever. Even today, her favorite part was when Snoopy sniffed at her. :)

I've mentioned in passing that it's important to me to be able to give my children opportunities to see live performances, and it seems that each time we attend one that desire becomes even stronger. I'm happy to report that both children sat through the two hour performance with no wiggling and no talking, aside from the occasional "Oooh, that's on the CD!" or "He's funny!"

Now I'm on the search for the next one to attend!


Just another southern gay guy said...

Where did you find it?

Do you remember when we were in elem school and there would be a production at the L.P. Auditorium, and we would all be bussed over there? I have a vague memory of one that was maybe a version of Little Red Riding Hood. Maybe. hhhmmm.

Just another southern gay guy said...

Oh - and how do you make the links?