Monday, June 25, 2007

Dark days are upon us

I think our air conditioner is on the blink. This is bad. So very, very bad.

One cannot live through a summer in the south without a seriously healthy appreciation for air conditioning.

Sass and I made a Target run after dinner tonight. We needed a few necessaries, and we wandered for a bit (only spending $12 though!), so we were gone for just over an hour. When we got back home, it was HOT in the house. Not hot as in "I need to turn the air up" but hot as in "Good heavens, did someone turn the air OFF?"

It hasn't gotten much better since then. It's 84 degrees in here, at almost 11:30 at night! We've hit the reset button, changed the filter, and checked the fuses. Almost no change.

I'm calling the air conditioner guy in the morning (who happens to be a friend, thankfully!) to see what's going on. I'm praying that it's something quick and easy . . . and inexpensive!

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