Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Is it acceptable to blog about nothing? I'm feeling tired and uninspired. (But I like the way that I unintentionally rhymed that last sentence.)

The past few days have been spent with everyone in a regurgitative state. At least it wasn't everyone all at once. Sass began it on Saturday, then it moved to me on Sunday. I really thought it might stop there, but alas, no. Spyder started with it on Monday morning, then Skeeter brought it to a close on Tuesday.

I thought that Sass might have restarted the festivities again early this morning, but it seems that it was only sinus drainage. We managed to get through the 5 or 6 moments on Saturday with the "dry clean only" comforter that she had gotten for her birthday unharmed, but the drainage problem ruined it. And, oh yes, it's ruined.

She was quite upset at first, but she gets to choose a new comforter now, so that (sort of) makes up for it. We're looking for another set just like the one she has now, but no luck so far. Sass mentioned tonight that she may go for a Strawberry Shortcake theme instead.

Skeeter and I decided today that we were going to redo all of the bedrooms anyway, starting with Spyder. I took his two bedding sets in today to consign. They were only still there out of habit, since he's long outgrown both Bob the Builder and the Wiggles. We wandered around Target today, and he found a couple of sets that he liked, but he didn't make a final decision. All of the sets were simple stripe patterns rather than themes, which makes it both easier and harder to redo the room. He's pleased about getting to choose the colors though.

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