Saturday, April 14, 2007

My birthday can only mean one thing


It's become a huge joke over the years. It rains on my birthday every year. Well, that's a slight exaggeration. I can remember two birthdays where it didn't rain. But still, I'm zooming upon 40, and you'd think that I'd have at least a few more rain-free birthdays to my name.

This year's rain has been the most spectacular so far though. Hard rain, hail, and a huge lightening storm. This year felt much more like a winter birthday than one full of "spring showers."

All in all, it was a good day, full of family and fun.

The children and I spent the day together, as always, but the grey day made us cozy up together more than we usually do. We left the house only once, in the late afternoon, to return books due at the library and to pick out our weekend movies there. Normally we walk to the library, since it's only about two blocks away, but the cold rain made us all decide that it was just better to drive.

Spyder and I decided that we should join the Friends of the Library. We're some of their most frequent patrons, so it seems only right. They're hosting a book sale within the next few weeks, and Spyder, Sass, and I will be helping set things up.

We spent the evening feasting picnic-style on the living room floor while a fantastic storm pounded outside. We did our family movie, then Sass and I played Operation and Spyder played Mario Sunshine on the GameCube while Skeeter did some prep work on the computer.

I put everyone to bed slightly later than usual due to a last minute birthday call from my mom, and I stayed up to read a bit (my favorite unwind activity).

A day well lived!

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