Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter, the highlights

I have a rotten sinus infection, so bullet points seem easier at the moment.
  • I am brilliant! I hate the plastic Easter grass. I find it everywhere for weeks afterward. This year I was determined not to use it. I decided that I'd run by Target and get green tissue paper. Well, Target was so crowded that people were parking in the Kroger parking lot. Considering that I had both children with me, and my nasty sinus infection was making an appearance, I decided not to go. My completely from-the-hip solution? Construction paper, run through the shredder! I used all different colors and shredded them. It looked lovely, and it's SO much easier to clean up!
  • It was cold this year. I think the overnight low was 29. Sass couldn't wear her cute little Easter dress. Maybe next week. It did end up being chilly-but-sunny in the afternoon, so we got to hide eggs.
  • We had the Easter feast at Mom & Dad's as usual. Sass spent the day playing with Dad's dog Molly, who was quite sad that she had to be in the pen during the egg hunt.

  • Spyder spent the day shooting the BB gun, as any Southern boy should. :)

  • Uncle Richard took his usual post-feast nap, although I didn't hear snoring this time.
  • My Memaw and The Michael had a hilarious discussion about nothing. What made it funny was that Memaw is losing her hearing, and kept misinterpreting what Michael was saying. He'd have to explain and redirect her to the actual conversation. Michael and I had an entire discussion about this during his discussion about nothing with Memaw, and she never knew a thing.
  • I took a nap at Mom & Dad's, which is something I never do. When I woke up an hour later, I realized that I've passed the "stuffy" and have moved on to "sick."
All in all, a very satisfactory day!

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