Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just three words: believe the hype

Skeeter surprised me with my new vacuum! He knew that I'd been saving up for it, and I had $175 toward it, so he gave me the rest as an early birthday gift!

I decided on the Dyson Animal 07, since I liked having the little mini-brush for upholstery. Ooooh, love it love it love it!

With my dust allergy, vacuuming always gave me a headache. Always. It doesn't matter whether I used my mom's Rainbow or our little Bissell or something in between. Quite simply, the Dyson doesn't. I can't smell that "vacuum" smell. My nose doesn't itch. My head doesn't hurt. It's a little bit of bagless heaven.

And it sucks! (Quite a good thing for a vacuum, you know.) Before, I could run the vacuum, then sit on the floor to play a game with the children, and I'd find dog hair. Every single time. Since the new vacuum, I might find a stray hair or two, but nothing like before. Maybe that will end eventually, since I'm still sucking up over two years worth of hair.

In short, the Dyson gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

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