Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am a big wimp

I turned on the air conditioner this evening.

Normally I try to make it to May 1 before turning it on for the summer. Today's high hit 80 degrees though, and the temperature in the house tonight was -- are you ready? -- 87 degrees. That's with the fans running.

Hot and uncomfortable does not make me a happy mama. Or a happy wife, for that matter. So I made an Executive Decision and threw aside the May 1 ideal. Skeeter doesn't particularly like hot and uncomfortable either, so he was perfectly fine with my Executive Decision. I am usually the one who laments my lack of willpower.

Now it's a much more comfortable 76 degrees, and I am quite satisfied with my coup.


JP said...

I had the AC blasting in the car today. If I'd been home as much as I was in the car, I probably would have turned it on at home too. I am so not ready for summer!

Jennifer said...
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