Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Magic and mayhem and ... sickness

The weekend was quite a whirlwind. We were going non-stop since Friday morning. In addition to the usual schooling and family stuff, I was scheduled to work four nights straight (hasn't happened in a LONG time). I had forgotten how tiring it is! And it's not as if I have some sort of high-stress position. Working at the bookstore is pretty great, actually, and I love it. But combined with everything else, it was just a bit much this weekend.

Weekends are always busy, but for this one, we had something special planned. On Saturday we went to see Magic Tree House: The Musical. Both of the urchins are big fans of the Magic Tree House series, and they were overjoyed to hear that the musical was going to be performed in town. It was crowded and noisy, as expected, but both of the children were just enraptured by it. I wish I had been able to take a photo of Sass while she was watching the performance.

After four days of go-go-go -- really, five days if I count the 5 hours at the zoo on Thursday -- I shouldn't be surprised that Spyder and I are both sick. Blech. We are both having allergy issues. His has turned into a cough; mine has turned into a sinus infection. Hot tea is my friend. And sleep, although I'm not getting much of that with Spyder's coughs.

Today I sat down and watched a full hour of PBS Kids with them, just watching and nothing else. I never do that! If I watch with them, I am doing something else too -- clipping coupons, folding laundry, knitting .... Today, I just sat.

Here's hoping there will be more of the sitting and recuperating, and soon. I hate when we're sick.


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