Friday, March 27, 2009

Home of The Crazy

Vanessa is not the only person who finds the crazies at Target. I have moved into that elite class as well.

Tonight I had to run in to get ... something. I can't remember what. But it was important, I swear!

Anyway, I was wandering around the clearance endcap in the grocery aisle -- because, hey, you never know what you'll find, right? An older man, probably in his 60s, was loitering in the cereal aisle. Yes, loitering. And kind of creeping me out. I moved on. A bargain is not worth attracting the attention of The Crazy.

I stayed in the same general area, and about 10 minutes later I decided to go back to the clearance endcap (hey, there was coffee on there). The Crazy was still there in the cereal aisle, but he was now taking items out of his basket and putting them behind the cereals. When he was finished, he moved a box of cereal in front of his stash and walked to the main aisle.


Once at the main aisle, he took a moment to look around. Then he walked back to his stash and pulled out a Target bag.

UH huh. Now I knew what was going on. (And yes, I stood there and watched the whole thing because I was just riveted.) An employee was a couple of aisles over, so I told him my suspicions and went to get the rest of my stuff.

-- OH, I remember. I went to get coupon organizing things. I'm attempting a new system. I'll report back once I'm done. --

I finished the real shopping and went back to the dog toys. I always have to check out the dog toys at Target because they're just so darned cute. The Crazy passed right by me, speed walking. A few minutes later, he passed again. And then a few minutes after that -- yep -- he zoomed on past once more.

As I was going to the checkout, I saw the employee. He and another employee had removed the stash. The Crazy had gone back to gather his items, and when he found that they were missing, he had taken to speed walking the entire store. For the last 20 minutes. He passed me four more times while I was in the checkout line.

Until now our Target has been mostly Crazy free. The Wal-Mart was the place to find The Crazies. Apparently they've migrated.



Vanessa said...

Sorry to have shared my Crazy with you. He sounds more Creepy than Crazy which isn't a good combination no matter what. Glad the employees were able to take action.

Sidenote, if you are looking for inexpensive, well made dog toys, go to This is where I get all my kids toys. The average price is about $1 per toy and they are not cheaply made. I have one who is a tough chewer and if they can stand up to her, or my other kiddo referenced as The Mulcher, I consider them a good buy.

My Goodness said...

You are never at a loss for a good story! That's funny...a crazy at Target...really?? Stashing stuff behind cereal?? Very funny!

smalltownmom said...

Very strange. I might actually be going shopping in a big town today -- if I get to Target I'll keep an eye out!