Friday, September 26, 2008


I just ran across this article on the worst celebrity baby names.

When people find out Spyder's middle name, I usually hear, "Oh, how ... unusual." Sass gets a bit nicer, "That's different; pretty, but different."

I usually just say thanks and move on. From now on, I'm going to mention that we contemplated a few of those in the article.



Mrs. C said...

Pilot Inspektor??? Poor kid.

"Apple" isn't so bad, especially if you're a celeb kid. You kinda need a weird name. :]

smalltownmom said...

I like Calico Cooper.

And Moxie Crimefighter has to grow up to be a superhero.

PEZmama said...

Now I have to know what your kids' middle names are.

Smiling Shelly said...

Hmm?? I don't recall thinking that your children's middle names were strange...Did you tell me what they were? I can't remember that conversation at all with Spyder but it seems like you told me Sass's and I thought it was pretty..but I don't know, I have slept a few times since then. HA!