Friday, August 15, 2008

Cue the crickets

Lawzy day. Anyone stumbling upon this blog would think it abandoned.

It's not, but this week has passed in a bit of a fog, and I haven't quite gotten in step with the new year. And the new school year is truly upon us. We had our first "official" activity this week, and we have two more scheduled for next week.

It sounds as if I'm complaining, but truly I'm not. I enjoy organizing our days, seeing what we can discover. But at the same time, it's difficult to get back into the groove of it after the unstructured summer. I've not been reading blogs these past few weeks, and I've even done a poor job of maintaining my own. I just completely cleared out my Google Reader. There were 1211 unread posts. That's just wrong.

And so, I've missed you! Grab a coffee and let's chat. Here are a few things that happened during the last week:

-- Spyder caught his first fish! My aspiring fisherman has been quite concerned that he had been fishing several times, but with no fruit from the labor. That is no more. He went fishing with his grandfather on Saturday, and lo and behold, he caught his first! He and Sass even named it, although the name now escapes me.

-- Sass' BFF Olivia started kindergarten. Sass misses her every single day and does not hesitate to let me know about it.

-- Spyder lost two teeth. Two! I keep telling him that he's going to force the tooth fairy into bankruptcy.

-- I suppose that everyone gets spam email. I rarely check the spam folder, but I got a big laugh out of one of the recent subject lines: "Fill up your tank -- just $2.59!" I laughed so hard at that. I wonder if it's a bigger draw than the usual subject lines.

-- Wednesday was my friend Carla's birthday, which I utterly forgot until I looked at my calendar (while we were at a homeschool event!). I abandoned any pretense of a nice gift, and instead I stopped at the Sonic on the way home. I bought a gift card. I asked for an extra fry carton and hamburger wrapper. I used those to fashon the wrapping, along with a bit of sparkly tissue paper. Extra Klassy. But Carla liked the gift card, as we share the love of the Sonic sodas.

-- Latest read: A Spy on the Bus by Margean Gladysz, a collection of letters sent home while Margean was an secret inspector for different bus lines, beginning with Greyhound but later moving to others. It's a great snapshot of middle America in the late '40s. The book would make a good gift for someone who remembers that time. I just began reading Mr Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride and Prejudice Continues, but I think I'm going to abandon it. I am not at all happy with it.

-- Skeeter's summer interns are gone. Their last day was today. He's thrilled. This is his third summer as intern babysitter. It's funny when Skeeter and I talk about our own internships, thinking that we did so much, when probably we needed just as much handholding and micromanaging as his have.

-- Ooooh, I almost forgot! I bought a pinball game for the Wii. I think it's my favorite game so far.

So now it's your turn! Since I've obviously missed everything in the last week, and probably loads before that, what's going on with you?



PEZmama said...

Husband. Gone.

Day 5 of 9.

Not. Going. To. Make.........

..... it.
[gasping for air]

Mrs. C said...

I know I read some sort of P and P continuation story and wasn't too impressed with it, but don't even remember if it was the same one.

See how unimpressed I was??