Monday, October 09, 2006

Not exactly restful

Today hasn't really been all that restful, but it has been productive. I went through Sass's closet and the tub of last year's "too big" winter clothes. There were several things that she didn't need and/or still couldn't wear, so I invited my friend Brenda over to go through them. She ended up taking two bags full of things for Olivia. The rest of the stuff that we aren't keeping has already been taken to the consignment shop! WOOHOOO!!

I also rearranged her top two dresser drawers. One is supposed to be for sockies and undies. The other is supposed to be for pajamas. They had gotten all muddled, and it was driving me crazy. They're now neatly organized as they're supposed to be. Tomorrow I'm going for the other four drawers!

I also took a box full of miscellaneous stuff to the thrift shop. I've started keeping a box on the extra rocker, and I just put things in as I go through the day. When the box is full, I take it over. I've taken about 10 boxes in the past week that way!

Restful is good I suppose, but productive is probably better overall. :o)

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