Sunday, October 08, 2006

Catching up

This week has been a wreck for me. I've had a horrible cold all week. The urchins caught it around Wednesday, when I was feeling the worst, of course. Thursday I was much better. Today it seems as if I've begun round two. I've felt worse today than I did on Wednesday. I think I probably overdid it on Friday and Saturday, thinking that I was in the clear.

We attempted to go to an arts and crafts festival on Friday. Everyone got up super-early. We drove to the bookstore to get my paycheck. Things took longer than they should have, and we all decided to get a snack (and a coffee for me, of course). As I was getting into the car, the coffee spilled all over my lap. A large coffee. A large coffee that I hadn't even sipped yet. At that point, I figured we'd just turn around and go home.

I worked both Friday and Saturday nights this week. I really wanted to go home on Saturday night, but the other bookseller was also sick. We decided to stick it out together, rather than debating who was sicker, then putting all of the burden on one (sickly) person.

Today we visited my parents. My sister and her boyfriend were there, and we all had so much fun. We played Hot Seat with them, and Skeeter and I lost bad! It was Skeeter's first time playing though, so he's forgiven. He roasted me at backgammon tonight. I chalk it up to my illness. :o)

As usual, Spyder spent the day shooting the BB gun. He's getting really good. Of course, his targets are aluminum cans, and they don't exactly evade the shot. :o)

Playing in the dirt is Sass's favorite activity, and she spent most of the day with a cup, a hoe, and a whole lotta dirt. Playing is dirty work!

It was just gorgeous outside today. Not too hot, slight breeze. Just perfect. I love sitting outside on the porch at my parents' house anyway, but today was just about as perfect as I could imagine. (Excluding my sniffling and coughing, of course.)

We got home incredibly late, but it was most certainly worth it! Tomorrow is supposed to be a restful day. We'll see how that turns out.

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