Thursday, June 01, 2006

Small but significant

Since my "Insomniac" post, I've been forcing myself to go to bed at a more decent hour. It's been difficult, and I fuss and wiggle for a while before falling asleep. I wasn't really doing myself any favors by staying up that late though, even if the library got loads of donations out of it. :o)

Ever since the insomnia had set in -- and I'd been getting up late with extra grumbles -- I'd stopped doing my One Year Bible readings. It had been about two months! YIKES! Instead of starting where I'd left off, I decided to leave the guilt behind and just jump in where I should be. I'm in Proverbs at the moment, and -- WOW! -- I couldn't have ever chosen a better place to start! I found myself nodding my head at everything I read! There were so many things that I read that applied directly to me.

I'm still astounded at the amount of encouragement and support that I got from a 15 minute read. It helped my whole day go better, and it was just yet another insight as to how often I see God's hands in my life.

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