Sunday, September 17, 2006

The weekend recap

The antibiotic is working, and Sass is MUCH better! There wasn't really a lot of improvement on Saturday morning, but it wasn't worse, so we decided to wait before taking her into the doctor's office. By Saturday night, the redness was noticably less, and tonight it was almost gone! I noticed this evening that she was just beginning to put pressure on the bottom of her foot again, so I think all will be well without another doctor visit! :O)

I was supposed to go on a women's retreat with my church group, but I missed it because of Sass's foot. I just couldn't leave her like that. She absolutely wasn't herself, and she just wanted Mommy. I'm sure that Skeeter couldn have managed, but I certainly wouldn't have been at peace about leaving her. As it was, we had a really nice weekend, so I can't regret not going.

Spyder got a brand new pair of tennis shoes on Saturday. He's really beginning to grow up. He chose these shoes, and before he's never cared what they were. This year's tennies aren't the light-up style either; they're just plain old Adidas. Tonight he got dressed for Awana, and he looked so grown up! He's in Truth in Training now, the class for the older boys.

I went to a great consignment sale, and I found loads of stuff. Sass didn't really need much, but I found some pajamas and a couple of dresses that I couldn't pass up. I got a Halloween t-shirt for Spyder too, but alas, the arms are too short, so I'm going to end up selling that one. It's a size 7, and I don't want to leave it hanging around here for Sass to grow into. Spyder went with me to the sale, and he was such a joy! It was very nice having time with just him. We don't do that often enough.

Spyder spent most of today studying for Truth in Training. I was really proud of him. He said three sections tonight. Next up is saying the books of the New Testament. He learned them last year for Sparks, so this is just review. He should be able to get that done with no problem!

Skeeter cleaned his desk tonight! He put away all of his papers and filed everything, and his desk actually looks clean and neat! Mine is looking pretty bad in comparison, so I have a mission for tomorrow.

Spyder cleaned Sass's room tonight while she was in the bathtub, and he did a really good job. I'm not really sure why he decided to clean her room, but I'm certainly not going to complain. He uncovered a few toys under the bed that are now in the Goodwill box, plus he found her pajama top that's been missing for a week!

I bought a pair of the new Mary Jane style Crocs. I love them! They're just as comfy as my old ones, but they look a little nicer. And this time I got a nice basic brown (rather than purple) so that I can wear them to work without anyone fussing at me. :o)

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