Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Skeeter!

My wonderful husband is 37 today!

Sass decided that a birthday isn't really a birthday if no one wears party hats. She got out her stash of Barbie hats and everyone wore them, including her stuffed animals. My personal favorite is Odie with the overturned teacup as a hat. The pink one wouldn't fit, you know. :o)

The day started out with a party. Sass set up the animals last night before bed, and this morning I made omelets and pancakes and set out some fruit. Spyder set the table, then woke Sass. Sass and Spyder woke Skeeter together. He wanted coffee, but we persuaded him to open gifts first. He got a pound of Starbucks coffee as one of his gifts (Spyder's idea), so he was very pleased that we made him wait. :o)

After present opening, we all had breakfast. I ran out for a few errands while the children and Skeeter watched a Don Knotts movie, No Deposit, No Return.

Since we'd had a really big breakfast, we just winged it for lunch, but we all went out for dinner -- Mexican, one of our favorites. Afterward the children went to a friend's house and Skeeter and I stayed home and watched V for Vendetta (and folded laundry, LOL!).

All in all it was an excellent day!

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