Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just this once

I'm rather sad that I don't like country music. I was flipping channels in the car this evening, and I ran across Keith Urban's Making Memories of Us. What a sweet song, and such a lovely sentiment. It's so seldom that popular media portray love and relationships in such a simple and beautiful way. Angst and drama are so much more "interesting" and "sellable."

While I love the lyrics (with the exception of using the word "Paw" for the sweetheart's father -- who uses that term now? -- well, my children do, for their grandfather) and the music, I just couldn't get past the affected Southern accent and the typical country twang. When I was in the car, I kept thinking, "Surely this man can't have this kind of accent." I'm from the South, and no one that I know sounds like that! Obviously, I must have been correct, since I found out that he's Australian! And yes, I know, I've been told that I must live in a bubble for not knowing who he was.

I hope that some non-country artist records this song so that I can fully enjoy it!

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