Saturday, May 13, 2006

An excellent day!

Today Skeeter took off work at midday so that we could have a family day. Oh, we had a blast!

First on the agenda was the Greek Festival. Loads of yummy food and good music. Somehow we missed the dancers this year though. Skeeter and I had gyros this year, instead of the usual kebabs. Skeeter said he'd probably stick with the gyro, but I think next year I'll go back to the kebab. I forgot that dill is a key ingredient in the gyro, and I'm not all that fond of dill. For dessert, we shared loukoumades, a puffy pastry with honey, cinnamon, nuts, and powdered sugar. Messy but good.

We usually meet our friends Diane and Ginger with their boys, but this year we were running late -- stinking bank! -- and Diane and the boys went on the church tour, so we completely missed them. Diane called my cell phone just as we were leaving the festival, so we chatted with them for just a few moments before we walked back to the car.

Afterward we went to the bookstore to buy a birthday gift for Spyder. His birthday is soon, and the poor boy didn't have a thing for his birthday until today! While at the bookstore, we got a coffee -- of course -- and Sass and Spyder each found a book to buy.

Afterward we went The Learning House, a local educator store, where Spyder got to choose some of his birthday presents -- all science supplies. He picked out beakers, test tubes, petri dishes, litmus paper, and a few other things I'm sure that I'm forgetting. They were out of the test tube stand though, so we had to order that. He can't wait to use them, but he has to wait until his birthday. Plus we'll need to get ingredients for the experiments!

After the big shopping experience, we went to the bargain theatre to see The Pink Panther. Skeeter and Spyder loved it, but I wasn't all that thrilled with it. It had some funny parts, but overall I just didn't like it much.

We came home briefly after the movie. Mostly we played outside on the swingset and with the dogs, then we ran out to Kohl's. Skeeter found two pair of pants on the clearance rack -- $10 each -- and we made the thrilling discovery that he's moved down TWO sizes without really trying! Hey, I suppose walking on the highway is good for something!

We stopped at the Sonic on the way home, and now we're in for the night. Finally! It really was an excellent day.

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