Monday, April 24, 2006

Unrealistic expectations

When I was working at the bookstore tonight, I had at least 11 requests for Tennessee Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. We had two copies in the store, and we sold both of them before I got there this evening.

The teacher assigned the book today, expected them all to have copies tomorrow, and would be giving each student a ZERO for each day he/she didn't have it. (Three different students told me this, each at different times, so I don't think they were all exaggerating.) Every bookstore in town is sold out. And we have 10+ stores in the area. I know. I called them all.

The teacher is entitled to classroom autonomy, so I suppose there isn't anything that the students (or the parents) can really DO about it. But in my opinion, that's just wrong. If the teacher had set aside the books for them, then yes, she absolutely has the right to require that they get them that quickly. But none of them were assured a copy of the book, and those who don't get the zeros this week are just the lucky ones who can drive or dial the phone faster than the others.

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