Friday, April 21, 2006

The dogs are good for me

We have two dogs. They were (very unexpected) Christmas gifts in 2004 when we found them abandoned in below-freezing temperatures. They were only 5 weeks old when we got them, but now at 50 and 65 lbs, they're hard to remember that small!

Watching them grow up and seeing how their personalities develop has been the most fun part of having them.

Brownie is the larger of the two, but he's the "scaredy dog." He's terrified of loads of things, but the ones that come to mind first are the vacuum cleaner and mylar balloons. He always wants to be in the middle of everything, particularly anything that's taking place in the kitchen (LOL!). We always joke about him, particularly how the big and brawny dog is the one who is scared of everything, but he's a very loving and happy dog.

Lucy is much, much different than her brother. We always joke that she's the cat-dog because she has the same "You're just here to feed me" attitude that I usually see in cats. She's very aloof, although she does enjoy a good petting on her own terms. :o) She's definitely a bird dog. She's constantly tracking the birds and squirrels that happen to get too close to her domain (the backyard). She's never caught a squirrel -- that I've seen -- but I have seen the remains of several birds who got too close. She's currently in a war with a bluejay that has taken up residence in the live oak tree, and I've enjoyed watching them annoy each other. LOL!

Yes, having the dogs puts more work on me, like cleaning the neverending bits of dog hair that seem to get everywhere, but I'm so glad to have them.

This morning we had a terrible thunderstorm, and neither of them wanted to go out for their morning pee. When it was mostly over, Skeeter insisted (quite rightfully!), but they were both quite annoyed about it. Once the trip outside was finished and they were back in, Brownie looked at Skeeter and howled at him. Not a menacing bark or growl, but a howl, as if to say "How could you make me go out there!?! Use your eyes, man! It's wet and growly and awful!"

It was the biggest laugh I've had in ages, and even now I'm having trouble typing through the laugh-tears. It made me remember how much I like having my furry, four footed babies.

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Vanessa said...

Super sweet picture! And what makes them think they can catch squirrels anyway? MIne do that too, but they are so far off. I wish I could have heard the howl. Dollar for dollar they are the cheapest entertainment!