Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Science of Magic

We spent the day at the Pink Palace Museum, and we had a BLAST! For some reason, the children were fascinated with the idea that it had been built as someone's home, so we spent over an hour in the mansion portion. And the public portion isn't all that big! The public is only allowed in the entry, a hallway, and two rooms. The hallway and rooms are set up with exhibits on the history of the area, but the entry is just a huge open space -- with a stuffed polar bear (??)! I need to remember to ask why the polar bear is there. LOL!

Once we left the original mansion, we went to the traveling exhibit, The Science of Magic. Spyder (the aspiring magician) was absolutely thrilled! Sass was excited too, since the exhibit is very "hands-on" and she got to do the magic too. It was actually our second time at the exhibit, but the first time we went was during Spring Break for the schools, so it was completely packed. It was much, much nicer being able to enjoy it without the big crowd.

It's a great exhibit, and I'll be sad for it to go. I can't wait to see what's next though!

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