Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My Sass turned seven years old today! I can hardly believe it. It seems almost impossible to think that it has been that long.

This year her birthday has turned out to be more of a celebratory week rather than a single day. But I suppose it doesn't hurt to have more "YAY ME" time, right?

We had her birthday party yesterday. We usually attend church on Wednesday nights (her actual birthday). Sass didn't want to have to miss, so she decided to have the party a day early. I don't think she would have needed any encouragement for it anyway.

Party? EARLY? Yeah!

So we had the party -- hold onto your hat -- at Chuck E Cheese. I know. And despite my reservations, we decided to have the party at dinnertime rather than during the day. The children both have several friends who attend "regular" school, and Sass decided that she would rather have it at a time when they could come.

Those were the initial reasons for having the party at 5:30 pm the day before her birthday. It ended up being a fantastic time for the party though. We got hit with a snow storm on Tuesday night. It had rained all day, getting colder and colder. I suppose that kept most people home because we almost had the place to ourselves. It was fantastic! Then today, Sass and Spyder woke up to SNOW! SNOW ON THE GROUND!

Having a January birthday, you'd think that she would have had a snowy birthday before, but no. Her birthday is usually pretty warm, in the 60s or so. This was really unusual, but she loved it. She spent quite a bit of the morning playing in the little inch of snow on the ground.

One of our longstanding traditions is that The Birthday Person gets to choose what and/or where to eat for the birthday dinner. Sass chose IHOP, which she -- in her long tradition of renaming -- calls "Hop-I's."

My parents had to miss the birthday party, so they are coming to visit tomorrow for a third day of Birthday Fun. Sass is quite thrilled because she always loves seeing them.

We had initially planned to see Hotel for Dogs today, as part of the birthdaying, but the snow won. The snow wouldn't be there for play later and the movie would be. As a result, I think we are going to attempt to see it tomorrow.

It's been quite a week, all revolving around my little Sass. That's just the way she likes it.



smalltownmom said...

It's so much fun to extend the celebrations over several days.

PEZmama said...

Happy Birthday Sass! :-)

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Sass! I think it should be birthday week every year.

Also? You are so brave to go to the dreaded mouse/rat place!