Thursday, February 03, 2011

In the wake of The Blizzard

As I mentioned yesterday, the blizzard came through in two phases. The first occurred from about 3 pm to 5 am. It never stopped snowing entirely, but it was slow enough that we could shovel. Until about 11 am, that is, when the second phase came through. That lasted until about 4 pm.

I should have taken more photos, but I was more worried about being able to open the garage and the front door without snow falling inside. And attempting to get Skeeter off to work.

This is our front door after the first wave. I didn't get a photo after the second.

And here is the drift between our house and our next door neighbor. Large, yes?

This is what it looked like during the second wave, about noon. This isn't the darkest it got. At one point it was a complete white-out, where we couldn't even see the houses across the street.

And our deck, during the second wave. We had completely cleared it after the first one, so all of that was new snow.

And the poor dogs. LOL. The lowest drifts were chest-high, and we don't have small dogs -- a 70 lb Lab and an 85 lb shepherd/lab mix. They were highly annoyed by the whole thing. This is Lucy, swimming her way through the snow to get back up the stairs and inside the warm house!

And here is Sass playing in the snow today. These are the snow piles from shoveling the driveway. You can't really tell from the perspective, but they are almost as high as the top of the garage door. She was using the snow pile as a sledding hill.

So now I can say I've been through a blizzard and dug my way out on the other side! And it was one that made the record books too.


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Susan said...

CRAZY!! That is a boat-load of snow there!!