Monday, March 06, 2006

The Snooze Button

My friend Julie calls me quirky. I probably am. I have a strange hatred for certain things, and the alarm clock snooze button is one of them.

Skeeter and I have had this issue since we got married. He seems to believe that it's okay to set the alarm for an hour earlier than he actually intends to get up. He uses the snooze button for that "extra time."

It drives me nuts!

Perhaps I'm a bit different than the rest of the world (it wouldn't be the first time), but I can't see how getting an extra hour of rest nine minutes at a time is particularly worthwhile.

I firmly believe that the alarm should be set for whatever time that you actually intend to get up. (Shocking!)

Last week our old alarm clock stopped producing sound. The clock portion still works, but no sound at all. When I went looking for a new one, I searched every clock that Target offered, determined to find one without a snooze button.

No luck.

From that shopping experience, I fear that I'll have serious opposition when I try to convince the rest of the world that I'm right.

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